Jetraw unlocks the true power of raw image data without over-saturation of IT infrastructure
Compression with full image information retention with reliable results for high volume data sets
Jetraw makes raw image data management easier. Compressed files are smaller, faster and prepared for AI based analysis
Compression performance
  • 5 to 10x compression ratio
  • Free decompressor
Speed performance
  • 200 MB/sec/core performance power
Targeted and optimised for AI
  • No artefacts
  • No filtering
  • No degradation to the image quality and information content
Workflow integration
A line of code to register our DLL
Operating systems
Jetraw is not a file format, but rather a codec that can be registered with any file format supporting existing codecs

Supported formats

TIFF (biology)

DICOM (medical)

DNG (aerial)

Supported cameras

PCO Edge Series

PCO Panda Sereis

Hamamatsu Orca Fusion

Hamamatsu ORCA-Fusion BT

ORCA-Flash4.0 V3 and V2

Andor Zyla 4.2, 4.2P

Photometrics 95B

Soon: Teledyne Photometrics Kinetix

“Storing and processing large volumes of microscopy images capturing days and weeks of organoids and embryos development is challenging. Dotphoton compression enables our customers to store data more efficiently and focus resources on science and discoveries instead of data management.”

Petr Strnad
CEO of Viventis Microscopy
Jetraw Specifications
Jetraw is a metrologically accurate compression algorithm. The small uniform SNR reduction is enforced through strictly bounded, unbiased and uncorrelated errors, guaranteeing optimal results for machine vision and scientific applications.
Compression speed
Software provided
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