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Jetraw compression is being used by world leaders in professional imagery: from light-sheet microscopy to Earth observation
“It was extremely appealing from PCO's point of view to obtain a compression method that exploits the individual image capture chain of each camera (model)”
Gerhard Holst,
Head of Science & Research at PCO
The European Space Agency joins forces with Dotphoton to develop the next generation of image compression solutions for space applications.
“We selected the Jetraw by Dotphoton due to the combination of the method’s tight control on the maximum compression error, the compression ratio achieved and the algorithm speed. In the image acquisition pipeline for our oblique plane light sheet fluorescence microscope we achieve a compression factor of about 7-fold, which provides a big reduction in data storage costs.”
Chris Dunsby,
Imperial College London
“Storing and processing large volumes of microscopy images capturing days and weeks of organoids and embryos development is challenging. Dotphoton compression enables our customers to store data more efficiently and focus resources on science and discoveries instead of data management”
Petr Strnad,
CEO of Viventis
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Dotphoton collaborates with Bosch on the most challenging and innovative solutions.
Dotphton collaborates with the ITU/WHO Focus Group on artificial intelligence for health (FG-AI4H) ( in partnership with the World Health Organization ) to establish a standardized assessment framework for the evaluation of AI-based methods for health, diagnosis, triage or treatment decisions.
“High Content screening and automated microscopy imaging is generating massive amount of images which we need to store and
make available to scientist and the public through open access data repository. This is a huge technical challenge and it has a non-
negligible environmental impact. Therefore, I became highly interested by Dotphoton's technology to drastically reduce the size of our data, without any comprise on its content, which we confirmed through deep image quantifications”
Dimitri Moreau, Head of ACCESS Geneva, High content screening facility manager, University of Geneva
“The exponential growth in the volumes of accessible imaging data across the multitude of commercial applications in conjunction with the prolifiration of AI-based analytics calls for a radically new approach for data managements and compression. The AI-optimised image compression by Dotphoton allows for significant optimisation in speed and performance of our image analytics pipeline and offers even greater potential for the compression of multi-spectral and hyperspectal airborne and space-borne imaging data”
Yosef Akhtman, co-founder Gamaya
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